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September 19th we marched the Uncle Sam Parade in Troy, NY
and officially welcomed Flip Phillips - our 5th snare - to the line!!

Fort Edward Heritage Days Parade - June 29th
with special guest and AG alum Bill Bunyan all the way from NC on snare!!

Troy Flag Day - June 9th

Saratoga Flag Day Parade - June 8th

Shen Winterguard Competition


Video including the debut of 'Waldo'!!


Kingsbury 250th Anniversary Parade


Some rough video - gacks and all!!

Here are some shots from our very first parade - the Saratoga Flag Day Parade on June 11, 2011...
We were excited to make our local debut where it all began back in 1975
and it was totally thrilling to have so many people actually walk up to us and welcome the corps back!!

In this picture, the line is surrounding the corps' original director Jeff Perkins...


The Rest of 2011

Whipple City Days in Greenwich, NY
Thunder and lightening while we were warming up but the nasty stuff held off for most of the parade


DCI show in Rome, NY


South Glens Falls Holiday Parade!!


South Glens Falls Holiday Parade Video

Let's not forget our A-squad and banner carriers... Thank you Jackson, Penelope and Bre!!

Here are some pictures courtesy of Brian Haynes from our first outdoor rehearsal...

We were down a snare and a cymbal but after several laps around the track it was coming together nicely!!


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